The Lost Generation

If there’s one generation of Accords that doesn’t get much attention, it would definitely have to be the 6th Generation. There’s some good builds out there, but they’re few & far between. Kenny G., the owner of this beauty, has a good background when it comes to building cars.

Clearly, this Accord is far from stock. Fitted with a full Wings West lip kit, the car gains that aggressive look while the SSR Vienna in 18×9 & 18×10 +24 give it that touch of class, all while the sun glistens off of the Java Black paint originally found on a Subaru WRX STI.

There’s not too much aftermarket support for this car, so Kenny had to get a little creative. For the cars headlights, he went ahead and retrofitted Honda S2000 projectors into the housings, which he custom painted in black.

Even though this particular body Accord was never sold in Japan, Kenny felt it would be best to still make the car look like it was something that was originally designed for the Japanese market. Adding fender side markers from a Honda Civic (EK), aftermarket window visors, rear window visor & the “Honda of America” Eagle badges found in earlier model Accords, he pulled off the look quite nicely.

My photographer wasn’t able to get pictures of the engine bay, but this car is definitely not just “all show”. Giving it that extra kick in the pants is:

  1. JDM H22A
  2. Tri-Y Header
  3. InjenCAI
  4. P28 ECU with a Hondata S300
  5. 2.5″ piping to a MagnaFlow Muffler.

Now a days, many car enthusiast try to cut corners & cheap out on parts. It’s definitely good to see people like Kenny still investing the money into a quality made part & not some knock off crap.

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures.

Photo Credit: Wawa Iki


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