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The South

I have a soft spot for some American Muscle, especially Mustang’s.

This week, I’m in South Carolina for Mustang Week.


More to come.


No Vacancy

It sure has been awhile since I’ve updated” is a phrase I use all too often on my website. Why? Well, I don’t like posting stuff that plenty of other media outlets already cover. In my struggle to post the most original content possible, I may go on a hiatus from time to time.

I haven’t forgot about this website, though! I’m slowly, but surely, back on track to focusing more of my time keeping this place updated with fresh new material on a monthly basis, even if it’s stuff about my own personal car-related life (which you’ll be seeing more of). Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with this picture of Daigo Saito’s 1,200HP Toyota Soarer.


The Good Life

Most people are lucky enough to see 1, maybe 2 Bugatti Veyron’s in their lifetime, but when you work next door to the Mullin Automotive Museum, which happens to house the largest Bugatti collection in continental North America, you often come across things that most people won’t ever see in their lifetime.

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Coverage: USDM Jam ver. 9.0 Part I

This past weekend was USDM Jam in Mie, Japan. I almost didn’t get coverage from this event, but luckily my friend & photographer Masaki Hamashima was able to get the time off of work to make the 2+ hour drive from Osaka to Mie. Major thanks, Masaki!

Are we in the right place?

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Hot Import Nights – Pomona Fairplex

I remember back in the late 90’s when HIN was at its prime, when “Nights” actually meant that event started at 7pm & ran until 2AM. Since then, I lost count of how many different owners HIN has gone through, most of which did a pretty bad job at hosting the event. A lot of them failed at bringing back the event to what it used to be, but the guys who run it now did a bit of a better job. Not nearly as close, but it’ll do. Anyways, the turn out was pretty good & the crowd was steady throughout the night. I’m not going to post every single car at the event, but here’s the cars I think are worth mentioning.

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Been toying around with the idea of making stickers for the blog. If I make some, I’m thinking of making a die-cut version of the banner on my website. Or maybe a bumper sticker of the banner. Question is, would you buy one?


No really, would you?

Montreal International Auto Show

My buddies over at Canadian-based IntunedOnline are getting ready for the 2012 Montreal International Auto Show. Here’s a teaser of their Nissan 370z demo car they’re going to be displaying.

If you’re near the Montreal, Quebec area of Canada from January 13th – 22, be sure to check out the show & say “Hi!” to the guys! Click here for venue information.