An Accord Affair

The Honda Accord is a car that gets overlooked all too often in the Japanese tuning scene. In a world where the Civics & Integras reign supreme, it’s hard to get noticed in a car that’s not all too popular amongst enthusiasts. When Alan Craft from Fat Four Customs & Alex Menendez took on the challenge of building on a platform that doesn’t have as much after market support, they knew they would be in for a ride.

If you haven’t noticed already, I have never featured a left-hand-drive car on my blog until now. They call me rickRHD for a reason! Anyways, I’m proud to feature these 2 cars as the first LHD’s to be on my blog!

Immediately you notice that these cars are far from your every day “go-getter”. Usually, style and practicality don’t go hand in hand, but these guys were able to successfully build cars that not only look good but can also handle the strains of daily life in Northern California. Yes, these cars are BOTH DAILY DRIVEN. Let’s start of with the white Coupe, which belongs to Alex.

One thing i love about Alex’s car is how he was able to keep an even balance of black & white on his car. Sitting on a set of black 17×10 +25 5Zigen FN01R-C-1’s wrapped in Falken Azenis RT 615k 235/40/17, it gives his Coupe a pretty aggressive stance. 10″ wide wheels isn’t a big deal on RWD cars, but try fitting them in the fender wells of a FWD car. Fender rolling & pulling is necessary, but it’s not impossible.

The term JDM goes hand in hand with building a Honda, or any Japanese car for that matter, but Alex was able to blend both JDM and EDM (Euro Domestic Market) styling with his car. Integrating the European Trunk Lid Garnish to accommodate his Euro plate & adding the Accord SiR Trunk Spoiler (available only in Japan), it gives his car that extra eye-catching demeanor. His Euro plate reads “CD-2SLöW“, but don’t be fooled.

Underneath the hood of this Coupe sits a Japanese-spec H22. In the good ‘ole U.S. of A, the H22 was only available in the Honda Prelude. In the rest of the world, however, it was available in numerous vehicles. Rather than doing the swap and calling it a day, Alex went ahead & mated this H22 with a Skunk2 Intake Manifold, Skunk2 70mm Throttle Body, AEM Fuel Rail, DC Sports Header, Greddy Evo Exhaust & an Injen Cold Air Intake. To keep this beast from vibrating itself apart, Hasport Engine Mounts keep the vibration to a minimum & make sure this bad boy doesn’t go anywhere. Also, the Fat Four Custom 3 point strut bar makes sure the chassis of this car stays rigid. $5 says you won’t find any other strut bar with as much craftsmanship as this one?

Ok. I’ve given enough attention to Alex’s Coupe. Please focus your attention to the center of your screen & feast your eyes on Alan’s Sedan.

As I said earlier in the post, there’s not much after market support for the Accord. So, what is a man to do? Well that’s simple. Alan is one of the founders of Fat Four Customs, a Northern California based company that specializes in designing some of the best products available for the 5th Generation Honda Accord. Their parts not only give the car that extra pinache, but they’re also proven to handle the intense stress of track use. I’ll get into that in another post.

Now here’s a shot you don’t see all too often in an automotive feature. Underneath Alan’s car, you can see the billet control arms & toe arms that Fat Four Customs are known for. Other products they offer are their 3 Point Strut Bars (seen in Alex’s engine bay) and Radiator Brackets (not shown in this post). All of their products are designed in-house with only the best materials & knowledge of some very experienced CAD Drafters & Machinists.

This car/wheel color combination isn’t all to common, but Alan made it work. Lately, crazy colored custom wheels is all the rage, but that doesn’t work for everyone. Alan’s wheel specs aren’t as insane as Alex’s, but that doesn’t mean I think any less of his 17×9.5 +17 Work Emotion XD9’s. The ride height shown in this picture is his daily driven height, but trust me, he can go much lower. I’ve seen it!

Alan’s car is still in the early stages of his build. He has many more things lined up for his car, which he will debut at the annual Eibach Springs meet taking place May 15th, 2011 at Eibach’s own facility in Corona, CA. I’ll leave with a few more shots of these beauties.

Special thanks to Robert Deluna for the pictures! Be sure to check out Fat Four Customs for all of your Accord needs!


15 thoughts on “An Accord Affair

  1. Tony

    Thats a very clean set of cd’s right there.loving the suspension upgrades,lca’s,toe’s, lower tie bars, the stance.. FFC makes my favorite parts for our cd chassis..CDSQUAD SHOWING LOVE…

      1. Raaalph

        No doubt, Rick. You know me man, I’m not going anywhere! I may not be active at the moment, but I’m just as involved with everything going on. I’m lucky to have members update me with what’s been going on while planning for Eibach.

        I’m just taking care of something that means more to me at the moment.

  2. Rich

    hey Rick. Rich on east coast ceebee9… like the blog didn’t know you had it. This Fat Four Customs co… they this stuff for the 5th gen but it won’t fit the 4th gen even if the suspension is the same 90-97? i’m interested in this for future mods on my wagon(4th)

    1. Raaalph

      FFC is actually at the moment conducting research on the CB chassis. They aren’t like other companies that just their products out there for mere profit. If it’s not good enough for their cars, it’s not good enough for yours, so they make sure they are 100% certain they product not only meets their standards, but exceeds them.

      For additional information, go to and scroll down to the FFC – Fat Four Customs section of the forum for additional information.

  3. Bigjoe53

    Great wrtie up Rick…and much love to all my homies from FFC…i cant believe Jason did not want to throw some pictures of the wagon in here…lol


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