What ever happened to “JDM Insider”?

JDM Insider was by far one of my favorite DVD series to follow. When I was first getting into the scene, these DVD’s gave me a glimpse of how things went down over in Japan. 

Street drifting was their main focus, but with it came a lot of risk. I’m not talking about speeding ticket, I mean more along the lines of a $10,000 fine, getting your car impounded & getting your license suspended.

Too bad this DVD series is no longer around. Host Toshi Hayama and co-host Hiro Nanahoshi (MotoRex CEO) decided to go their own separate ways. Toshi is still around, but the last anyone heard of Hiro, he was doing some time for the whole MotoRex/Skyline fiasco, as well as some other charges.

Hopefully someone makes DVD’s like this again.

Should I?


One thought on “What ever happened to “JDM Insider”?

  1. Corbin 'Bird' Freeny

    arrrghh my beloved chaser….one day i will have you. if you do make these DVDs just be smart and plan ahead. all i can say about it. yea it would be freakin great if you did it but just dont get caught up


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