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The Good Life

Most people are lucky enough to see 1, maybe 2 Bugatti Veyron’s in their lifetime, but when you work next door to the Mullin Automotive Museum, which happens to house the largest Bugatti collection in continental North America, you often come across things that most people won’t ever see in their lifetime.

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Been toying around with the idea of making stickers for the blog. If I make some, I’m thinking of making a die-cut version of the banner on my website. Or maybe a bumper sticker of the banner. Question is, would you buy one?


No really, would you?

Metropolis II


(Picture provided by LACMA)

I came across this after one of my buddies posted it on Facebook. When people try to capture the “hustle & bustle” of a metropolitan area, they resort to pictures, sometimes video. Modern Artist Chris Burden thought that wasn’t enough, so he captured it in his own way.

Want to see this in person? It’ll be on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) starting January 14th. According to the LACMA website, it will be the new permanent home for this masterpiece. I’ll definitely be checking this out once it’s open to the public!

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