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Coverage: USDM Jam ver. 9.0 Part I

This past weekend was USDM Jam in Mie, Japan. I almost didn’t get coverage from this event, but luckily my friend & photographer Masaki Hamashima was able to get the time off of work to make the 2+ hour drive from Osaka to Mie. Major thanks, Masaki!

Are we in the right place?

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Money Blue

Usually, when you see a super car that looks this good, you automatically think it’s located somewhere in Europe or Beverly Hills, CA.

Not this time…

If you think this is the only “Blue Beauty” Japan has to offer, you’re wrong.. Continue reading


Don’t ask me what the title of the thread stands for! That’s just what the owner of this ’95 Civic Hatch calls his car!

The Japanese import scene here in the U.S. has been focused mainly around what our Japanese counterparts are bringing to the table. Wheel fitment that seemed impossible years ago & a stance so low that the guys over at CALTRANS are going to start sending us bills for having to replace all of the road lane markers we’ve been ripping off the road with our undercarriages!

When Kohtaro Iwasa from ILLEGAL SICK CAR CREW in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan put together his EG, he wanted to create a car that displayed his love for U.S. style cars & his appreciation for the JDM styling that he’s grown up around & everyone here in the states has grown to love.

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