Coverage: USDM Jam ver. 9.0 Part I

This past weekend was USDM Jam in Mie, Japan. I almost didn’t get coverage from this event, but luckily my friend & photographer Masaki Hamashima was able to get the time off of work to make the 2+ hour drive from Osaka to Mie. Major thanks, Masaki!

Are we in the right place?

Long drives suck, but not when you’re rolling in an FTO (Masaki) & are being followed by a DC-5 (Friend).

USDM Jam attracts all kinds of cars found in the US.


Livin’ Loud – providing USDM Jam with the beats.

This DC-2 seriously looks like something that would be roaming the streets of socal.

EF’s have become quite popular with the USDM crowd.

Either my eyes are fooling me or that’s an “LA” windshield banner.

I think Carl’s Jr. wants their table number back!

Shoot…it’s hard to find a clean CRX Si in the States. How does one end up in Japan? IN LHD!?

White Volk CE28N’s on a Red Skyline V35. I love that color combo.

USDM Jam even attracts bikes! FYI, GSX-R’s are not common in Japan.

Toyota Tacoma & Nissan Titan trucks were also never sold in Japan. Seeing one of these on the road is the equivalent to seeing an R34 Skyline in the States. Go Bro-dozers!

I love simple & clean builds as much as I love cute Japanese women in yellow sweaters…Yup!

Some trends should have stayed in the States…

At least it’s rollin’ on BBS RS’s.

I love the gold accents in the engine bay.

Duuuuumped mini truck!

Even the Euro guys come out to show some love!

8th Gen Civic’s are sold in Japan, but not in Coupe form.

For Sale!

Classic VW Bug.

I really dig how the Japanese are very meticulous about keeping things period-correct, even down to the license plates.

White-on-White EF Sedan. I dig.

Wagovan! I wonder if the owner really is a new driver?

DOHC ZC? Not too sure, really.

Looked like a good turnout!

Awesome E30! Look at those eyes!

Looking at my red shoes!? *angry eyes*

Plaid hood bra & wink mirror. Not too shabby.

Keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times!

I don’t know what it is about DB’s, but I want to build one someday.

That concludes the end of Part I of who knows how many more posts! I still have quite a few pictures to resize & edit, so check back soon for Part II!


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