Hot Import Nights – Pomona Fairplex

I remember back in the late 90’s when HIN was at its prime, when “Nights” actually meant that event started at 7pm & ran until 2AM. Since then, I lost count of how many different owners HIN has gone through, most of which did a pretty bad job at hosting the event. A lot of them failed at bringing back the event to what it used to be, but the guys who run it now did a bit of a better job. Not nearly as close, but it’ll do. Anyways, the turn out was pretty good & the crowd was steady throughout the night. I’m not going to post every single car at the event, but here’s the cars I think are worth mentioning.

I was there in part for work. Since Vortech recently sponsored this 350z, I got to take it to the show!

During roll-in, this G35 sedan rolled up. Looks dope, right? Well guess what, it has a Vortech Supercharger!

I don’t know much about this car. The paint/wrap (whatever it is!) looks amazing!

DONLYSON Porsche. I was captivated by the quality of this build.

Surprise surprise!

Leon Hardiritt Orden’s with 24K Gold dipped faces. My all-time favorite wheel!

MBZ SL65 AMG. One of very few Euro’s that caught my attention.

Royal Flush GS300. Pushing the limits!


Mike from It’s JDM Yo’s NSX. Simple, yet so aggressive.

This S2K used to be Vortech Supercharged awhile back. Since then, he has gone over to turbo. Lookin’ good!

Armand P.’s TRD Widebody MR2. 12.5″ Work Meisters in the rear!

This brought back childhood memories! I had the sudden craving for pizza, too..

NSX & RX-7 from Auto Concept Elite. Both cars owned by the same guy. Ballin’!

Ben Abutin’s RX-7. No signs of the car ever seeing the road. Not so cool. Yeah, I said it.

Auto Concept Elite “Top Secret” Supra

Auto Concept Elite GT-R. Love the matte Orange!

What do you do when a wide car isn’t wide enough? Make it wider!

Sal V.’s Vortech Supercharged 2011 Mustang GT

Sal’s Mustang is a tribute car for Chicane Motorsport’s owner Joe Gosinski who was murdered at his shop Dec. 2010. No one was ever convicted.

I love wagons!

JonJon’s Vortech Supercharged IS350

Overall, the show was OK. Would I go back? Yes, but I’ll be sure to have a car out in the parking lot so I can leave the show for awhile & do stuff. Next stop for HIN is Manila, Philippines! Good luck guys!

I’ll leave you guys with this. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT!!


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