Concept NSX – Detroit Auto Show

(Geoff Robins / AFP/Getty Images / January 9, 2012)

(Geoff Robins / AFP/Getty Images / January 9, 2012)

Today marks the day that Honda of North America finally unveils its concept version of the new NSX at the Detroit Auto Show. While final production model specifications have not been confirmed, here’s what I’ve been able to dig up around various news sources:

-The car will feature a mid-engine RWD V-6 engine featuring Honda’s famous VTEC technology providing power to the rear wheels.

-At the front of the car, 2 electric motors will power the front two wheels, making this an AWD car & dubbing it with Honda’s “Super Handling All Wheel Drive” moniker. (SH-AWD)

-With most cars switching over to electronically controlled “flappy paddle shifters”, the NSX will follow suit with the same technology.

-Not only is Honda going to R&D this car in its Raymond, OH facility, they plan on building a factory specifically geared to produce the NSX which will also create jobs for the American workforce.

-Honda plans to have these cars ready for sale in 3 years.

Tony Ding/Associated Press

Tony Ding/Associated Press

My thoughts?

Personally, I think Honda did an amazing job in redesigning & bringing back a classic Honda sports car that has been around since 1990. So far what we’ve seen is purely a concept, which most manufactures will tweak before making a production model, but I’m really hoping Honda doesn’t do too much to stray away from this look!

The only things I’m a bit worried about are the “flappy paddle shifters” and the 2 electric motors running the front 2 wheels. Personally, I’m not too big of a fan of that type of transmission control. It almost seems like it takes away from the “pure sports car feel” that the NSX is known for. Of course, Honda is keeping up with what technology is current in the automotive industry so I can’t say that I don’t know why they chose it. It’s F1 inspired, making it more fun & a bit easier to drive.

As for the electric motors, I’m not too fond of the whole hybrid-sports car thing a lot of manufacturers are trying to do now a days. I know it’s all in trying to safe our green earth, but lets be real, a sports car should be a sports car. I would much rather see Toyota dominate the hybrid-sports market with some sort of a Prius sports coupe, since they already pioneered & dominated the hybrid world, than to see Honda follow suit. If anything, I’d be much happier if Honda kept the car a mid-engine RWD like the previous model NSX’s & develop a V-6 VTEC engine with “Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle” (ULEV) technology.

In the end, Honda is out to make its mark. Will they do it with their new NSX?

I vote “Yes”.


One thought on “Concept NSX – Detroit Auto Show

  1. william

    I think the 2 electric engines at the front dont sopund too pleasing to me.I know electrical batteries a bound to go bad after a while especially if the car isnt driven regularly and this might be a problem for alot of owners in the long run.They should keep it simple and stick with just a v6 or even bump it up a notch to a v8 with turbos or something of the sort.Overall a very good looking car.I doubt that Honda will be able to give it a deserving come back in hybrid form though.


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