RWB x illest

While I was out running errands in Downtown LA, my buddy Yogi (illest store manager) told me to come by & visit. He failed to mention that this would be there…

If you’re not already aware, RAUH-Welt Bergiff has collaborated with Fatlace & opened up their first US facility in the San Francisco Bay Area. This particular car was built for the owner of Fatlace & displayed at SEMA this year at the Falken Tires booth. The guys from The Paddock at Fatlace were on their way back to Northern California & decided to stop by for a quick visit. I couldn’t help but run back to my car & grab my camera.

RWB’s owner Nakai-san flew out from Japan to personally assemble this car for Fatlace. Being that it is the very first RWB car to make it to the states, he wanted to be sure it was built up to his high standards, especially since it made its debut at SEMA.

If those rear over fenders and huge rear wing don’t intimidate you, maybe the FFTEC built turbocharged engine will. I couldn’t get pictures of the engine bay this time. Maybe the next time I see it..?

I couldn’t really stay long, but I’m really glad I took the time to visit illest & get to see this car up close & personal. The time & effort put into this car is clearly shown by how well built this car is.

Can’t wait to see more of these roaming the streets.








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