USDM Jam 2011 Ver.8.0

For the past 8 Years, people from all over Japan make the pilgrimage to the region of  Mie (三重) for the annual USDM Jam event. When most people in the states think of USDM, we think of stock cars that just rolled out of the dealership that look bland & boring. To the Japanese, it’s more of a style. Rocking the best brands & manufacturers products that the states has to offer, but adding their own Japanese twist to it.

Over the last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with people that are deep into the USDM scene. One of my friends from THE FUSS, a Japanese crew, showed me this video not too long ago which was made by one of the leaders of another crew in Japan called GRINDERS. Also in the video are my good friends from ILLEGAL.SICK, which a few of their cars were featured on my blog. The beginning & end of the video are a bit risqué, so consider this your warning!

Hopefully next years USDM Jam turns out to be as good as this one. More videos to come!


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