Naughty Kicks!

The guys over from ILLEGAL SICK CAR CREW in Japan have a knack for giving their cars/themselves pretty interesting nicknames which I personally think is awesome! Continuing with the trend I got going this month, here’s Ryuji Tamaki‘s EK Civic which he has nicknamed Naughty Kicks! You can probably guess why..

After featuring Kohtaro Iwasa‘s EG last week, I got in contact with Ryuji & asked him if he could send some pictures my way. One of the things that stood out was his integration of color-matched wheel faces, gold hardware & red/gold center caps on his 15×8″ DE Racing Wheels. Usually white cars don’t mix too well with such contrasting colors (at least I think so) but Ryuji pulled it off pretty good.

If you look closely, Ryuji slapped Z3-style fender vents on his car! For us here in the States, we went through that phase in the 90’s & left it there! It’s good to see some old SpoCom flavor mixed with new generation building. Some people would still consider that “rice”, but the Japanese really do have a way of making anything look damn good! Also, did you notice the blinds in the rear window? I like that. A lot!

I’ve only really seen wheels this clean on show cars that don’t see the road all too often. Ryuji manages to keep them looking fresh & still rocks them on the daily! Attention to detail wasn’t spared when Ryuji put this machine together. Now that we’re on the subject of attention to detail…

Take a look at his headlight housings. I don’t think there’s anyone in the State’s that has gone as far as doing something like this. This is car culture creativity at its best! If this happens to be the next big thing in the States, you’ll know where it originated.

One thing I admire about the Japanese is how they’re able to keep their cars in tip-top shape, regardless of their age. Ryuji’s leather-wrapped Recaro LX’s , Lecarra Steering Wheel & Rogue Status shifter are kept minty fresh!

If I tried to roll around like this every day, my mud guards would be ripped to shreds OR they would just be completely gone! I wonder if his Remus Exhaust scrapes all over the place with his car as low as it is. Seems like his ZEAL Coilovers are doing his car justice & keeping that very expensive piece of exhaust off the pavement.

It’s amazing to see how low a person can get their car on the stock body. Lip kits & full aero is often our answer to the “slammed” look, but Ryuji is definitely pushing the envelope! Before I end this quick post, here’s his mod list:

-U.S. Front & Rear Bumpers
-U.S. Door Moldings
-U.S. Side Mirrors
-EK9 Type R Grill
-Custom-housed Headlights w/6000K HID’s
-Clear Tail Lamps
-Z3 Style Fenders

-Lecarra Steering Wheel
-5 Panel Wink Mirror
-Rogue Status Shift Knob
-Leather Recaro LX Seats
-EK9 Type R Rear Seats

Stiff Stuff
-DE Racing Wheels 15×8 (secret offset)
-Kumho Ecsta 165/50/15
-ZEAL Coilovers
-Custom Front & Rear Camber Arms

-”Ryuji Special” Cold Air Intake System
-Remus Exhaust System

Check back soon for another feature on ILLEGAL SICK CAR CREW!


2 thoughts on “Naughty Kicks!

  1. timmy0tool

    dangit now i have to add you to my daily blog rolls, thanks for having me use 15mins of my day on here! argh! good ish rick!


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