Don’t ask me what the title of the thread stands for! That’s just what the owner of this ’95 Civic Hatch calls his car!

The Japanese import scene here in the U.S. has been focused mainly around what our Japanese counterparts are bringing to the table. Wheel fitment that seemed impossible years ago & a stance so low that the guys over at CALTRANS are going to start sending us bills for having to replace all of the road lane markers we’ve been ripping off the road with our undercarriages!

When Kohtaro Iwasa from ILLEGAL SICK CAR CREW in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, Japan put together his EG, he wanted to create a car that displayed his love for U.S. style cars & his appreciation for the JDM styling that he’s grown up around & everyone here in the states has grown to love.

Traditionally, we try to put the biggest & widest wheel with the craziest offset to fill in our fender wells, but Kohtaro decided to take another direction. Sitting on 14×9 -0 (Yes, 14×9!) Steffan RS wheels wrapped in 195/45/14 Toyo Proxes T1-R, he got the look he was going for without having to modify the body of his car too much to get the wheels to fit. No huge wheels in the wells of this bad boy & still managed to get the fitment he was going for!

Kohtaro’s car was put together quite nicely & kept a very simple look. As I said earlier, he’s really into the U.S. style scene, so he went ahead & installed U.S. version clear corner lights to his existing black-housing lights, as well as removed the factory side markers (JDM side markers for us U.S. folk), installed Euro-style side mirrors and popped on the U.S. door moldings.  Also notice the Thule roof rack (with no fairing at the moment) and the 5 panel wink mirror with what looks to be the beginning of a sticker bomb! Funny how things we don’t care about in the states are a huge hit in Japan. I guess they can say the same about their stuff, right?

Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to snap some pictures of this car myself, but Kohtaro was kind enough to send them to me via email. Here are a few other pictures he sent along with his current mod list.

-Black Housed Crystal Headlights w/6000K HID’s
-Clear Tail Lamp
-U.S. Clear Side Marker
-Euro Style Side Mirrors
-U.S. Door Moldings
-THULE Roof Rack

-Formuling Steering Wheel
-EK9 Type R Rear Seats
-5 Panel Wink Mirror

Stiff Stuff
-Steffan RS Wheels 14×9 -0
-Toyo Proxes T1-R 195/45/14
-“Kohtaro Special” Suspension Setup (his secret!)

-“Kohtaro Special” Cold Air Intake System
-Custom Stainless Exhaust System

I’ll be sure to snap some pictures of this car the next time I’m in Japan, which hopefully will be very very soon!


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