Blast From The Past!

Back in my early high school years, I was a bit into the whole B-boy scene. Not to say that I was any good, but I did hang around some pretty talented dancers. During that time, I followed the Battle Of The Year (BOTY) competitions as best I would. One crew that always caught my attention was Spartanic Rockers (Japan). Originally, the Spartanic Rockers was a crew based out of Switzerland, but at various BOTY events over the years, members of other Japanese crews left & joined the Swiss-based crew.

Definitely digging how they have an old-school hiphop style.

Sadly, in the Spring of ’99, after winning their first Battle Of The Year International competition in 1998, Spartanic Rockers lost their member Jo (wearing the black helmet in the beginning of the video). I don’t know if this is true or not, but rumor has it that Jo was doing Halo’s (a type of head spin where you spin on the outer circumference of your head), lost his hand positioning, thus putting all of his weight on his neck causing it to snap. Rest In Peace, my friend.

Now, lets fast-forward to 2011.

I was going through my favorites list on YouTube last night & I came across some BOTY videos I favorited back in 2008. After watching performances by Gamblerz Crew & Jinjo Crew out of South Korea & even Big Toe Crew from Vietnam, I came across this.

(Don’t mind the audio. The person recording this was really close to the speakers)

(Aerial view of the same performance)

This is Mortal Combat. Another crew based out of Japan. I personally prefer to watch the Japanese crews over any other crew, but that’s only because they seriously push the physical limits of the human body to pull off some of the stuff they do.

Congrats to Mortal Combat for winning the 2010 Battle Of The Year International at the Arena Montpellier, France !

Unfortunately the Battle Of The Year association, which is a world-wide organization based in Germany, does not hold any events state-side as of yet. So if you want to catch this event elsewhere, be sure to visit .


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