24 Hours of California

(This blog entry was typed a few weeks back)

So I’m sitting at San Francisco International Airport, waiting for my flight back to LA. I had to deliver a special package to the guys over at Fatlace, so I drove through the rain & made that 8hr drive that all Californian’s love/hate to do. It’s a walk in the park for me, but still gets tiring, especially since I’m flying back the same day I got here.

(Interstate 405 on a good day)

Anyways, I was supposed to leave LA around 6:00am, but that quickly turned to 8:00am since I overslept. I got so preoccupied with some work emails I had to respond to last night, since my guys in Japan were waiting for my immediate response, that I lost track of time & ended up sleeping at around 1:00am. Anyways, I can’t spill the beans & say what I delivered to Fatlace,  so I’m going fast forward through that part & get to the fun & exciting stuff.

When I got to Fatlace, I hung around & chit-chatted with the crew there. While waiting, I snapped some shots of The Paddock & some of the cars there.

(Lotus Elise, Corolla Wagon, S14, Skyline formerly of Right Hand Drive Japan)

After awhile, my friend Solomon came through to hang out for a bit before he had to head to work. He also knows someone who works at Fatlace, so it wasn’t all too awkward. Kind of weird to invite someone over to a shop you don’t work at, right?  During my time there, Jon, another Fatlace employee, snapped a shot of me & posted it on the Fatlace blog. They usually always do this when they have a guest over that is somehow related to what they do. After about an hour or so, my good friend Jason came by the shop to pick me up & we took off to Fremont to meet with Alex, Alan & Ed at Alex’ shop.

(Crossing the San Mateo Bridge)

(Hanging out in front of Alex’s shop)

Once at Alex’s shop, I finally had a chance to unwind & take a break from “work”, so to speak. I remembered I had to go online and print out my flight itinerary, so I pulled out my laptop & connected to the shop’s WiFi network. I was going to ask Alex what the name of the network was, but I was able to figure it out on my own, judging by the name of the network.

(“ngacake”. You won’t understand unless you’re on the HS forum!)

All business aside, it was time to REALLY kick back & relax. We all had the munchies, except Alex because he’s lame & ate before I came, so we all went over to Fuddruckers in Fremont. I’ve never eaten inside a Fuddruckers before, let alone frequently eat their food all too often, but it definitely hit the spot after an 8hr drive!

(On the way to Fuddruckers. Ed up front w/ Alex following behind)

The food was good, but the overall company of the NorCal HS crew is what made today a memorable day for me. From our inside jokes like, “ngacake”, “what’s this ‘we’ shit?!”, “fei long!” and “what are you, twelve?!” to hanging out at the shop, it made today one of those days that I didn’t want to end. Oh well, I’ll be back soon enough.

After all was said & done, it was time for me to go to the airport & head back to LA. I got to the airport an hour early, so I just checked in & headed to the terminal to hang out & wait for my flight to board. Now remember, I drove up to NorCal & had to head back THE SAME DAY, so I was anxious to head home. I was tired & had a serious lack of sleep the previous night.

(Waiting at the terminal)

My flight was supposed to leave at 10:41pm, but due to bad weather in other parts of the states, the flight got delayed to 12:15am. I was kind of pissed off, but there was nothing I could do. So, I just hopped onto HS and let the time fly!


My flight didn’t end up leaving until 1:15am & arrived in LA by 2:30am. I was just glad to be home. I love NorCal, but my heart is in LA.



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