i can haz cheezburger? :D

So for Christmas, one of my teammates got me a very generous gift certificate to Fatlace. I decided to use it the other day to order a new sweater & 2 Slammed Society stickers. While I was ordering online & finalizing my oder, I noticed that they had an “Order Comments” section. I’m good friends the guys over at Fatlace, so I thought I’d have a little fun with them.

In the “Order Comments” section, I entered, “i can haz cheezburger? 😀“. I figured they would just laugh it off & get back to work, but boy was I wrong!

A few days later, my order came in. When the mail man handed me the box, he kind of laugh, shook his head & walked off. I was like, “What’s he laughing about?”. This is what made him laugh…

LOL!!!! Max, one of my buddies that works at Fatlace, is a HUGE Supra enthusiast. He has an MA70 himself, so when he found out that I had a right-hand-drive JZA80 at work, he just about flipped! I was dying of laughter after seeing this! So, I opened up my packaged & checked the goods.

Picked up this sweater! Warm as hell & looks pretty fresh. This is by far my favorite sweater! I also ordered 2 Slammed Society stickers, but the boys hooked me up & sent me a few extra stickers too!

Yeah, just a few. Haha. Thanks for the extra stickers, guys!

After I took everything out of the box, I found the invoice. I was just going to toss it, but then I saw some markings on it. It almost looked like someone had drawn something on it. I was right…

I got my cheeseburger!!! Hahahaha! Thanks Daniel! But, since he got me the cheeseburger, I now have to give him a Skyline 😦 . Talk about an awesome deal, right?!

Anyways, big ups to the Fatlace Crew for hooking it up &  keeping me entertained! Be sure to check them out online or visit their stores in San Francisco & the all new Illest store opening up in the Little Tokyo district of Los Angeles!


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