Top Gear USA

If you’re into anything cars, then you SHOULD know what Top Gear is. If you don’t, here’s a quick intro.

Top Gear is a show that was created by the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known as the BBC, to cater to car enthusiasts around the world. Hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James “Captain Slow” May bring a certain edge to the show, where they test everything from your standard commuter vehicle to high end luxury exotics. Rather than me babbling on about how great the show is, just watch the video below.

Now, this show has been around for many years & is a smashing hit in the UK. So, The History Channel got the bright idea of making a US version of Top Gear, which is set to premier sometime in the coming months, as recording has already begun. So, instead of just publicizing it via commercials, internet ads, billboards & what have you, The History Channel decided to take it to the next level.

SEMA Reg I just recently returned from the annual SEMA/AAPEX show, held in Las Vegas, NV. As I was walking to the South Hall to pick up my registration, I happened to come across red carpet, leading to the street. Above the red carpet were some beams holding up signs for Top Gear & The History Channel. I was kind of curious to see what it was, so I figured I’d drop by & see what all the fuss was about. Plus, I had to pass right by it to get into the South Hall!

Exotic Taxi

Exotic Taxi

As I got closer, I just saw a bunch of yellow taxi’s. I thought, “What’s all the hoo-haa about?” As I got closer, I realized they weren’t your average Ford Crown Victoria taxi’s, but a line of exotic cars dressed up as taxi’s! Before me stood a Lamborghini Murcielago, a Mercedes McLaren SLR, the all new Ferrari 548, a Rolls Royce Phantom & a Camaro SS kitted to look like a Pontiac Trans Am. As I got closer, one of the reps from The History Channel approached me & said, “Heyyy! We’re giving out free rides in your choice of any of these exotic cars! It’s all in promotion for the new Top Gear USA that’s going to be airing on The History Channel soon! Would you like a ride?”




Before she could even finish her sentence, I hurried over to the red carpet, where you’re supposed to wait for a car to arrive, and got in line! I wanted to ride in the Murcielago, but unfortunately there was already an hour wait for that car. I was going to hop into the Ferrari, but someone beat me to the punch. Luckily, this SLR pulled up & opened its door just in time!

SLR Inside

SLR Inside

SLR Inside 2

SLR Inside 2

As we pulled out of the parking lot from the Las Vegas Convention Center, we got onto Paradise Road & tailed the Murcielago for a bit. After driving about 500 yards or so, the driver of the car made an abrupt right & gave it the full beans! I didn’t have a chance to set up my camera & take video, but rest assured that the 5.4L Supercharged V8 gave me a kick in the pants!

SLR Logo

SLR Inside 3

SLR Inside 3

Inside the SLR was pretty basic. Not too many bells & whistles to keep you distracted from the road. Also, being that I’m a bit on the larger side of life, the SLR was actually pretty comfortable!

Anyways, during the ride, the driver told me that they are going to be coming out to California & doing the same promotional gig, but that they might have a different selection of cars this time.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Top Gear USA on The History Channel! Also, if you happen to know when/where in CA they’re going to be again, let me know! I’d love to ride in one of these bad boys again!


2 thoughts on “Top Gear USA

  1. Jake

    Not to be a dick, but it isn’t a new idea. TopGear already had/has an Australian version, kinda sucked though.
    Much prefer the UK version. Hope the yanks have better luck instead of just trying to copy the UK hosts persona.
    Opps, old blog post. :s

    1. rickRHD Post author

      Oh, I know it’s not a new idea. I’m a huge fan of the original UK version. The U.S. one hasn’t grabbed my attention yet so I’m not exactly a fan. I caught a few episodes of the Australian one & it’s okay.


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